I know I talk about writing a lot on my blog. I think that’s probably essentially why this blog even exists, because I like writing so much. This post is going to be another one on writing. I’ve actually talked about this on my Instagram story at @suzannewritesstories a while back, but I want to immortalise it in this blog. So here’s what I talked about:

I’ve always thought having something you’re passionate about is a given, and those who don’t know what they like to do simply haven’t found it yet. It’s only in recent years that I realise maybe some people just won’t find it, because they find pleasure in doing other things, and they’ve learnt to be content with what they’re doing as their job or career. We just have different perspectives on things.

I discovered writing when I was pretty young, and it’s almost a miracle that it stuck throughout all these years, especially since as a kid, I’d always liked different things all the time and would have different preferences according to my mood.

I started to wonder why other things didn’t sustain. I read an article a while back that sometimes for some things, we only think about the results without thinking much about the effort that has to be put into that something before the desired results can be achieved.

I guess one simple example is that at one point in my life, I wanted to be a pianist or music composer or producer, something along those lines. In retrospect, I think I liked the attention and awestruck looks an audience responds with, and with that in mind, I practised. I thought I was passionate about music, until I realised I was only willing to put in the effort because I thought it would get me somewhere. I didn’t like the process of practising. I only liked the end result. I stopped when I realised I was getting nowhere.

With writing, it’s different. Some days I think maybe it’s possible for me to get somewhere with writing. Some days I just don’t think I’m good enough. But I still write until today. I’m always working on something. I have tons of drafts that will never see the light of day, but the thing is, writing is for myself. I enjoy the entire process of writing something without thinking whether or not it’s going to benefit me in the future. I just write, for fun.

I think that’s how you know, whether or not you’re passionate about something.

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Featured image by Tyreke White.

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