Nerd Talk: Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell is basically a teenage love story set in the 80s about how two misfits unexpectedly fall in love.

I don’t remember where or how I heard about this book, but it just somehow settled on my to-read list, and since I received book vouchers from my school and since The One by Kiera Cass wasn’t out yet, I spent them on Eleanor and Park instead.


Eleanor was a redhead that was a few pounds heavier than she would’ve liked. She lived in a broken household that didn’t have much to live off of, and the way she dressed was strange by normal standards. Park on the other hand was half Korean and half Caucasian. He had the Korean genes and looked more Asian than he would’ve liked, while Eleanor found him cute, he didn’t think so. He didn’t think Asian guys could look cute, period.

They met on a school bus, through reading comics initially, and it blossomed into something more. Neither of them wanted to admit it at first, and it was so adorable. While there are other elements to the plot line, the entire story is basically about their love, of how they felt, of what they thought about each other. It was just a roller coaster of feels, this book. I don’t quite know how to explain why I like it so much, but it certainly has got to do with how real and raw the story is, and how well it is written. The book is actually written with both Eleanor and Park’s point of views, it alternates occasionally and we readers get to get a glimpse into both their heads and what they thought of each other. That part was genius to me, it just brings the whole story to life.

I would recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in realistic type of teenage romance, and if you’ve read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, I think you would like this too. Oh just a heads up, there’s quite a lot of profanity in this book, if you’re bothered by that kind of stuff, maybe you should read the first few pages to see if it sits well with you. I personally rarely curse in real life, but I don’t mind profanity if it’s used in the right place. Just putting that out there.

This picture basically sums up what I felt at the end of the book:


If you haven’t read the book yet, stop reading. Spoilers ahead!



I don’t like the ending. I felt like there should be a sequel or something. It was just left hanging there, and I guess it was done intentionally because they’ve gone their separate ways, but I just don’t like to be left wondering what happened to the characters, in this case Eleanor and Park. They probably moved on and never had the chance to get back together, but that postcard Eleanor sent resembled hope, and that kind of what frustrates me.

Hm, I just like definite endings, you know?

Anyway, the last few chapters were so sad. Park kept trying to reach to Eleanor, but she was being realistic and didn’t want to hold on to the inevitable. I understood why she ignored his letters, but at the same time it was so sad seeing Park writing to her each day, not willing to give up. I almost cried, really, it’s ridiculous. Heh.

eleanorandparkexcerpt(click on picture to enlarge if you want 🙂 )

EDIT: I just found out this book is being made into a movie! Oh gosh I’m so excited! Click here to read about it 😀
Okay, so maybe it wouldn’t be out until 2016 or something, but it is happening though, that’s good enough!

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12 thoughts on “Nerd Talk: Eleanor and Park

  1. Hi – I finished the book yesterday and just loved it. The writing was fresh and crisp, and I thought the characters were realistic and so loveable. Now I’ll read your post and see what you thought!

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      1. Yes. And I can’t figure out what the 3 words were that she wrote on the postcard she sent him. What do you think? I went back through the book, thinking I missed a 3-word “signal” but couldn’t find anything.

        I have several books by other authors that were never best sellers, but are similar characters that I love. I’m going to do a “recommendations” post of them when I get my act together to write it!


        1. I know, I was so curious that I Googled it. I read the author’s interviews but she wouldn’t reveal it, but she said she MIGHT write a sequel though. I hope she does. I’m thinking the 3 words could be “I miss you”, but that’s just a random guess.

          Haha, I look forward to your post 😀


          1. Yes, I think they were young and “unformed” enough that a sequel would definitely work.

            Now I have to think a bit more about what those 3 words could be. I think she’d say something that means “I miss you” but the 3 words would be far more convoluted!


  2. Oh my gosh – you aren’t going to believe this BUT …. I am reading this book right now – I read for about 2 hours today, and here I am online to see it scroll across the screen in your post!! I am about 2/3 of the way through and am LOVING it. I didn’t read your post yet because – just in case you talked about the ending – I don’t want to know! So after I finish it this weekend, I will come back and read your post and tell you what I think about it.

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    1. No way! Hahaha. What a coincidence! Actually I only wrote spoilers towards the end of the post, so you can safely read it if you want to. Haha. And yes, it’s a great book 😀


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