Z, ZA, ZAP #AtoZChallenge

Z marks the end of the A to Z Challenge. It’s been fun raking my brain for the past 2 months thinking of what to write for 26 different posts–yes, most of my posts have been scheduled beforehand–but I’m actually glad it has ended ’cause now I can slack again. Heh. Since it’s the last post for April, let’s talk about the letter Z. You know what Z reminds me of? Za and Zap. Here’s why:

A few months ago when I was still a form 6 student, my friends and I would play Scrabble whenever we got the chance to. One of the games, my friend, Siobita was encouraging my other friend, Ong Tong to put ZA on the board for her to get higher marks. Siobita seemed like she genuinely wanted to help Ong Tong ’cause she couldn’t think of any other words with higher marks. Upon putting ZA, Siobita immediately placed the letter P right after and exclaimed, “ZAP!” Ong Tong was in shock and called her a liar, and we just laughed our heads off. It was hilarious.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I don’t know when I’ll publish my next post, I might take it easy for the mean time unless if I really have to write, otherwise I wouldn’t. 26 posts are a lot okay, normally I post less than 5 posts in a month. So, yeah. Talk to you guys next time, next year or something.

Kidding 🙂

I’ve actually read a few books which I haven’t written Nerd Talks on yet, so I guess I would be posting those in May. Other than that, I guess short stories would be a little slow for now. For the mean time, in case you’ve missed any of my A to Z posts, you can click here to see them all. Here are my personal favourites (blue) and also posts that have been quite popular (by my blog standards, lol) (purple)

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Quote of The Day
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Because I Can’t Speak Up

Yeah, I guess that’s about it. Just like what my featured image says, have a wonderful weekend everyone, even though it’s only Wednesday now. Hehe 🙂

P.S. if you like reading my blog, please take the time to follow it, not just bookmark it on your browser, so that I can know you exist 🙂 Just click here and you can see the “Follow Blog via Email” button on the right (if you’re not a WordPress user)


10 thoughts on “Z, ZA, ZAP #AtoZChallenge

  1. I’m here and will wait oatirntly for your writing juices to stir again. A to Z has been enormously fun (only because I also prescheduled!) and I plan to keep posting a few times a week. I hope you’ll stay connected !

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