What is Nerd Talk? #AtoZChallenge

If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time now, you’d notice I have posts that I like to call Nerd Talks. If you’re a new reader, well, now you know. I feel the need to explain myself ’cause the title itself doesn’t explain much.

Okay, so what exactly is a Nerd Talk?

Nerd Talk is basically posts talking about books I’ve read. Back in school, when the teachers are not around, sometimes I join in my group of friends and just talk about random things, but other times I like to be alone and just read. I get called a nerd playfully by my peers because of that. And then just last year, my friends said they would be interested in reading book reviews written by me, and so I thought I’d give it a go.

I don’t want to call my book reviews “book reviews” ’cause I notice normally people who write those give a thorough analysis of the plot line, how the story is constructed, etc. They come off as being too professional to me and I don’t want to present myself as a critic. I’m not. I just want to talk about the book I read, let it out somewhere because I’m excited about it and because my mind wouldn’t stop rewinding the scenes over and over again. It’s as simple as that.

Thus when I was thinking about what to name my “book reviews”, I thought about how my friends called me a nerd and then how I want to be talking about the books I liked. Hence, Nerd Talk. Get it?

That’s basically it. If you’ve read my first Nerd Talk, you would notice how long winded I was with it and I feel like I was basically retelling the whole story. Haha. I’m getting better though! You can find the rest of my Nerd Talks just by clicking the Nerd Talk category on the right. If you enjoy them, you can click the Like button, or share it with your friends if you’d like 🙂

Thanks for reading my too-long-of-an-introduction to Nerd Talk.

Fun fact: I wrote Nerd Talk 9 times in this post (inclusive).

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