Unrequited Love #AtoZChallenge

This was supposed to be a Weekly Writing Challenge back in January but I never got around to it until after the deadline. Oh well, here it is.

I remember sitting on the backseat of my mom’s car, excited to play with my friends, looking forward to all the possibilities a couple of Barbie dolls, plastic foods and a scooter could bring. We talked about who should be the chef, waiter and customer. Drake said he wanted to be a chef when he grew up, so he practically reserved that role for himself. Zack chose to be the waiter for that day, which left me with only the choice of being a customer. I had my Barbie dolls with me, and perhaps they took out their stuffed animals to play with as well. It was going to be a crowded day at the restaurant indeed.


That day, my palms were sweaty and I walked around mindlessly going in circles. My brothers–Zack and Jeremy–patted my back, cheered me on, told me it was going to be alright. “You have to be a man,” they said to me. I couldn’t tell how sincere Zack was though, knowing he had feelings for her, too, at that time. I thought since he backed down, there wouldn’t be any hard feelings between us. Even then, the thought of hurting my brother was pushed aside. All I could think about was her. How would she feel about this? She would be here any minute now and honestly, I’ve never been this nervous in my entire 7 years of life.


My mom told me her usual reminders–to greet the elders and asked me to behave–before dropping me off. She would pick me up in the evening. That meant the entire day of fun! A whole day was a whole lot of hours, more than I could count.

I rang the doorbell, and Zack and Jeremy appeared behind the door. Jeremy was the older one and we never really played together since he was more interested in computer games. It seemed strange to see him standing there instead of Drake.

“Close your eyes,” Zack said, “We have to blindfold you.”

“Blindfold me? Why?”

“It’s a surprise,” Jeremy answered.

“Don’t worry, we’ll guide you,” Zack added.

Before I was given the chance to say anything else, they secured a tie to my eyes. When asked if I could see anything, I assured them everything was pitch black. To be honest, I could still see the floor, but I didn’t think it mattered.


I could hear her voice at the front door while my brothers did their jobs according to plan. My mind was a mess and all I could think about was: don’t screw up.


Zack and Jeremy escorted me to the living room (not that I needed help anyway) and brought me face to face with Drake. I could see his toes in front of mine, even then I wasn’t allowed to open my eyes. “Keep them shut,” Zack instructed while he gently pulled away the tie.


This was it. I took a deep breath, dismiss any second thoughts and went for it.


I felt a pair of hands cupping my face and then, something slimy on my lips. I pushed the hands away and jerked back, feeling embarrassed, confused and angry all at the same time. “You tried to kiss me,” I said, horrified.

“No, I wasn’t,” Drake denied.

“Yes, you were. I could feel it. You said it was a surprise, but you tried to kiss me.”


Well, that didn’t go the way I had planned. She was supposed to like it, and she was supposed to be my first ever girlfriend after that. Everything vanished into thin air just like that.



We put aside any hard feelings, and everything went back to the way it was. Playing with plastic foods, stuffed animals, Barbie dolls and a scooter, just as the way we had planned. No one tried to kiss me anymore after that.

Boys can be so repulsive sometimes.

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Thank you for reading!

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