Short Stories, Why Do I Write Them? #AtoZChallenge

Sometimes I wonder, why do I even bother writing short stories when it gets me nowhere? I’d best be writing a 50,000 word novel and abandon my blog altogether since it does me no good. Why blog, even?

The answer to that would be: I don’t know.

Logically speaking, all my time spent on blogging and writing short stories don’t bring about a solid, visible proof of benefit whatsoever. Still, I can’t help writing. I do write lengthy novels, but those I don’t like exposing to the world because I don’t think it’s good enough (except my Wattpad story that I’ve written on a whim, let’s not take that into account). Short stories on the other hand, take far less time and effort and can be posted on my blog as soon as I think it’s good enough. I think it’s motivating to have people read your work, which I can’t have with novels.

I also find it incredibly satisfying just writing whatever’s on my mind. I write for the sake of writing. It’s fun to me. I do have a part time job in writing articles, in which I do get paid, but more often than not, I would find myself blogging instead of writing my article. It’s still writing, yes, but writing an article requires tons of research and it’s so constricted to the source I find. I couldn’t venture out and be more creative with it, like I can with short stories, with blogging.

I can’t be alone, how many of you are the same?

10 thoughts on “Short Stories, Why Do I Write Them? #AtoZChallenge

  1. I’ve never been very good at writing short stories. I start stories thinking they’ll be short, but then they take off and turn into novels by themselves. I think you should write whatever makes you happy because that’s what’s most important.


    1. Short stories in my head are like a temporary distraction, something I have to let out before I could resume doing what’s more important, like writing a full length novel. Heh.


  2. Ultimately if your writing doesn’t satisfy something in you, you will be frustrated. So far, I don’t have an interest in, or knack for short stories or novels, so I write my thoughts and ideas and memories.


  3. I think it depends on your goals. If you want to finish a novel and you can’t because blogging and short stories interfere, then maybe priorities need to shift. But I do think that all writing can be beneficial. Blogging can help you organize thoughts and communicate more effectively, and short stories might be a creative outlet. I think you have to write things for yourself sometimes, even if you are writing elsewhere toward publication.

    Hope you are enjoying the A to Z Challenge. Here’s my post for today on Memorable Characters.

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  4. I sometimes wonder why I write short stories, too. They take more time than I think they should. On the other hand, my short stories are stories I need to tell, just shorter than my novels. What I think I need to figure out is – what is the best way to get a short story in front of its readers?


    1. Exactly. How am I supposed to suppress the stories in my head? Some of the ideas can’t be developed into a full length novel, hence short stories. This is what writers go through… lol.


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