Revisiting Childhood #AtoZChallenge

All those hours of fun and laughter, those nights of sleepovers, at that time I thought we would still be just as close today. We used to share secrets and talk about everything. Remember how we used to hide in a room where we just talked about school and gossip about people? Or the time I went over to your house and we played on your dancing mat and watched movies? Such fun times.We both loved playing with Barbie dolls and I remember you lent me your Barbie CD even though you were reluctant to. You were afraid I would break it; I said I would be careful with it. Well, you were right. I broke it and I don’t remember if I’ve even apologized for it. If I haven’t, I’m sorry. The CD’s gone now, I hope you’re not mad at me.

And then there’s you. The you that tried to teach me how to ride a bike, the same you that tried to teach me how to ride a scooter. I said tried because I never really picked it up, we both knew I was terrible at sports. We played with toys, computer games, basically everything. I forgot what we used to talk about though, but I remember having fun every single time. We played make believe, pretended to own a restaurant, or a roadside stall and sold plastic food to nonexistent customers. The hours stretched on to past midnight, where I would be first to suggest sleeping, while you came up with excuses not to. We would then sleep as late as we could, then woke up the next morning the earliest possible, just so we could hang out more before you headed home.

Then, there’s this other you. You liked playing with robots and monsters, and I did, too, until one day I wanted to play with dolls instead. We made it work and played both together, and it was fun. I went to your house, climbed the top of your bunk bed and marvelled at how high up I was. That was my first time climbing a bunk bed, ever. I also got to play with your toys, cards and also Scrabble. There was one day you said you had to clean the bathroom, and I said I wanted to help, that I’ve always wanted to clean a bathroom because it seemed fun to me, playing with water and soap. When I told my parents about it, I got scolded. They said something about the slippery floors being dangerous and something about the toilet bowl being dirty. Still, it was so much fun though.

Present date, we’re not close enough to even be considered friends anymore. We would have small talks that are both cold and awkward, that I would wonder if any of you remember the memories we shared as kids. I miss you guys, but reconciling is out of the question for inevitable reasons. We’re different now, we grew up. Thanks for making my childhood, each and every one of you, whether I mentioned you or not, I remember everything.

2 thoughts on “Revisiting Childhood #AtoZChallenge

  1. We sometimes know what we leave behind as we go, and sometimes it’s years before we look back and see what’s gone. Memories seem always bittersweet; we cannot stay in one time or place forever.

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