Nerd Talk: The Fault in Our Stars #AtoZChallenge

My friend wanted to read this book since last year, and at that time I wasn’t really interested in it. Generally, I knew the story was about a person with cancer and like all sob stories, I’d assumed that person would eventually die at the end of the book. Pretty devastating, not my kind of thing. Then, I heard the book was being made into a movie, and then the trailer surfaced. I watched it, not knowing what to expect. Well, it got me hooked.

MPH then had 25% off for that book and so I talked my friend into buying it. She was already interested in reading it (like I said, since last year) so it wasn’t that hard. I bought Allegiant (by Veronica Roth) myself. Not my point. Anyway, the books were delivered to my house and I got the privilege to read The Fault in Our Stars before my friend does. I finished it in 3 days.

Let me start off by saying this book is absolutely heartbreakingly amazing. I’ve never read any book by John Green before, so I had no expectations upon reading the book. Hazel Grace Lancaster is such a relatable character and other than the fact she has to have an oxygen tank around her at all times, she’s a pretty normal teenager who watches America’s Next Top Model and says things she doesn’t mean sometimes. Augustus Waters on the other hand, is very interesting. I know interesting isn’t really an exciting word for him–pretty bland actually–but I couldn’t think of a better word to describe him at the moment. The way his mind works is fascinating sometimes, most of the things he says I wouldn’t expect out of a 17 year old teenager. Hazel, too, actually. Both of them, their intelligence is what stood out to me. Is that a weird thing to notice? Considering all the other elements in the story…Okay, maybe.

Basically this book revolves around their love story, how two misfits came together and were just perfect for each other. It’s just a beautifully written book that tugs at my heartstrings.

Like I said, the trailer is what made me got into the book, if you haven’t read it yet, or are still hesitant, just watch the trailer 🙂

Disclaimer: there will be spoilers.


I love Hazel and Augustus’s love. It is ordinary yet surreal and both of them are just meant for each other. Hazel thinks herself as a grenade that would explode any time and she’d rather stay away from people, that way when her time is up she wouldn’t have hurt as many people. Augustus refuses to accept that and continues pursuing Hazel despite what she says. He even used up his Wish for Hazel, just so she could go see her favourite author, Peter Van Houten, who unexpectedly was, well, opposite of what An Imperial Affliction made him out to be. To put it plainly, a total jerk is what he is. I felt sorry for Hazel.

The last few chapters were absolutely torture to read. Unexpected, too. (I literally had zero expectations diving into this book) The scene where Augustus went to purchase a box of cigarette by himself, I just lost it. Okay, maybe I didn’t cry–I never cried because of a book before–but it was the first time any book has made me feel like crying. I was literally holding back tears… at 12 midnight… because of a book. Heh.

From the beginning I thought Hazel was the one who was going to face some trouble towards the end of the book, from the movie trailer it seemed that way, too. (In fact the trailer made Augustus seem completely normal) All the struggles a cancer patient had to face, I had no idea before reading this book. And it was all described so realistically, it was really heartbreaking.

Now I understand what all the hype is about. Can June come any faster?

fault-our-stars-movie-poster“I am in love with you, Hazel Grace. And I know that love is just a shout into the void and that oblivion is inevitable… and I am in love with you.”

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5 thoughts on “Nerd Talk: The Fault in Our Stars #AtoZChallenge

  1. It’s such a great book. The first of his books that I read was Paper Towns and it’s still my favorite. Though TFioS made me cry, and it takes a lot for a book to do that.


  2. I do not read a lot of YA fiction because it is not my favorite genre, but it sounds like a good book. Recently I read the Carrie Diaries because I like the Sex and the City series and other books by Candance Bushnell. The Carrie Diaries was a fun look back on what life was like for teens in New England in 1980. It is written with a YA audience in mind, and maybe you would like it. Mostly it is an upbeat story.


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