Living in My Own World #AtoZChallenge

Scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I would see status updates, pictures, videos and articles that people share. Those that interest me stop me from scrolling further, and I would right click it to a new tab. Some of them–articles in particular–despite it being amusing, I would read the title and shake my head in disbelief. Those links, more often than not, are ridiculous news about the world that I don’t want to know.

Because I’m Malaysian, most of my friends are Malaysians and therefore I would see a lot of Malaysian articles and some of them are so downright idiotic, it just makes me laugh. I’m not insinuating my country is bad or anything, that’s just because the stuff I read are mostly about Malaysia. There are stuff about other countries too, basically just worldly news and events that make me go, What is up with the world? I try to avoid.

I don’t know if doing that alone makes me naive, or ignorant. Perhaps both. Thing is, I’m not a fan of negativity and never will be. I don’t like reading things that are just sad to begin with (politics are usually the culprit) and if I cared enough to bother, I find that I’d feel angry and disgusted, and it just ruins my mood. Why would I want to do that to myself, right?

Maybe I should learn to face reality better. Maybe I don’t want to. Sometimes I’d rather not know about something than to find out about it and be affected. If I were to be in a horror movie, rest assured I won’t be the girl that goes around finding the source of the weird noise. I would probably just stay where I am until the noise fades away. As a way of keeping myself safe.

8 thoughts on “Living in My Own World #AtoZChallenge

  1. We’re so connected to each other and the “latest breaking news” that every crisis is right in our faces, one right after another. I find it too much to take in. I have to go hide in my office and limit my intake to music and my current writing project and maybe a social media channel for contact with supportive friends. I’m glad you liked my J Day entry, Suzanne. Thanks for saying so!


  2. I liked our less stressful world before 24/7 “breaking” news. If you never tune it out, the world rapidly becomes a very depressing place because the focus is always negative events. Better to pick a few causes you can help and ignore the rest.


  3. I once read that we should steer clear of the news and such negative posts on Facebook and the like because they give us a distorted view of the world. The world’s a better place than politicians and news people would have us believe šŸ˜‰

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