Jamming to YouTubers #AtoZChallenge

My taste in music is mostly pop, though I enjoy different varieties of it. The radio does come with catchy tunes, but most of the time they’re EDM, and sometimes EDM songs can be a little overwhelming, in my opinion, but when done right it’s really good.

I for one, like to explore YouTube for new songs (and sometimes Spotify). Most of the YouTubers cover songs by other artists, but there are quite a number of them who come up with originals as well, and I want to share some of the ones that I really like with you guys 🙂

Megan Nicole has been on YouTube for years now, and recently she’s been signed to Interscope Records. While she haven’t gone mainstream yet, I have a feeling she will. It’s just a matter of time. This song of hers is her latest single and it’s so freakin’ catchy! I’ve just been randomly singing the song like all the time lately. 🐻

Before You Exit is a band consisting of Riley (lead singer), Connor (light brown hair) and Toby. I was kind of bummed they didn’t make it through The X Factor USA auditions, but I think they’re doing pretty well for themselves. This is their latest single and I think it’s so fun and catchy 🙂

I discovered Max Schneider not long ago through Kurt Schneider (whose ability to arrange music is off the charts, and no they’re not related) after watching a couple of videos featuring Max and I thought I’d give his channel a visit. And then I heard this song and I’m in love with it.

This song is pretty old, but I just had to include it. It’s an original by Sam Tsui, and I just love it even after listening it so many times already. His voice is just amazing. If you have free time, you really should check out his other covers. My favourites are Clarity and Applause.

Do any of you listen to songs by YouTubers? If you do, do let me know 🙂 I’d love to pay their channels a visit.

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