Encroached #AtoZChallenge

This poem is published in my school magazine 🙂

Bestowed grey matter,
Reality out of reach.
Imaginations scatter,
Forced to take a leash.

Torrents of words fly,
Daggering strangers’ hearts.
Consideration soar to the sky,
Shattered into mosaic parts.

Selfish wants, take the lead,
Demolishing sacred bonds.
Planting irreversible seeds,
No confirmation needed,
That you have won.

No point bleaching what’s defiled,
Regret is all that’s left to rummage.
Remember, you were once wide-eyed,
Time will tell if it’s worth the damage.

Sometimes anger, ego, or pride could get in the way of our logical reasoning. More often than not, it’s not worth it.

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