Nerd Talk: Finale

Up ’till now, I don’t know why Crescendo is named Crescendo and why Silence is named Silence, as for Hush, Hush I’m guessing it has to do with fallen angels and Nephilim and they’re supposed to be a secret to humans, so hush, hush? Finale is pretty straightforward, I think, since it’s the last book of the series, hence the finale?

From the third book, we know that war is waging between fallen angels and Nephilim, and that Nora has to pick a side, to go with her own blood, or side with Patch, her fallen angel boyfriend. It seemed obvious Nora wouldn’t help the Nephilim in any way, after learning all that’s been going on with the Black Hand, but as the story progresses, it gets a little more complicated.

There are training involved, more secrets, traitors, and the first ever archangel encounter! Ain’t that great?

Disclaimer: This Nerd Talk contains spoilers, skip to the last paragraph if you haven’t read the book yet. Or just scroll until you find the teddy bear, read after that πŸ˜‰



I’m not going to go into detail as to what happened, because I just finished reading the book like 2 hours ago, there are things that stood out to me and has been lingering in my mind after the book ended. First of all, I love the ending. It ended with an epilogue, which is my favourite kind of endings. Vee got married to this guy called Gavin whom she met in England, I suppose, since her wedding was held there. It was kind of bittersweet because I really thought she was going to end up with Scott.

Oh Scott. I started really liking him in Silence, and now he’s gone 😦 Why? I didn’t like, feel really emotional when he got killed, because he was in the middle of a fight and all, and it happened so fast, I was just in shock. (Hunger Games: Mockingjay spoiler alert!) Kind of like how Suzanne Collins killed Finnick in Mockingjay, I was just, huh, really? What? Yeah. And I kind of hoped in the epilogue Vee was marrying Scott actually, like somehow he managed to survive.

Speaking of Vee, I was shocked when I found out she was Nephilim. When she was all nonchalant when Nora told Vee the truth about everything, I was like, NO WAYYY! And quickly skimmed through the next few paragraphs, until she said she recently found out she was Nephilim. Now Nora doesn’t know anyone human anymore except her mom. Ha.

And then there’s Marcie. She died in the end too. I kind of feel sorry for her, and I didn’t expect her to burn those feathers, really. I was just beginning to see her as those bratty girls acting bratty because a) she just was, or b) she only acted that way out of self defense. Turns out the author wanted to make her truly unlikable, but she really is pitiful though.

Rewind back a couple of chapters, Nora morphed into one of those jealous girlfriends once again to remind me why I found her so annoying in Crescendo. This time, her source of jealousy was derived from Patch’s ex, Dabria, the angel of death. It’s one thing to be jealous, but it’s a whole other story when you get clouded by jealousy and start accusing the other party of everything, and that’s exactly what Nora did. I mean, the part where Dante showed Nora pictures of Patch and Dabria kissing, that was understandable, though I believed it was a misunderstanding even then (and I was right), but I get where Nora was coming from. But to keep pressing Dabria being the archangel, Pepper’s blackmailer just because she didn’t like her was just pushing it. Sometimes I feel like I trust Patch more than Nora does… :/

In the end, Dante was the culprit all along. I remember I guessed it was someone else (certainly not Dabria), but I forgot. Detective Basso maybe? Because Nora sensed something strange off of him, and I immediately pinned him as being evil. (Turns out he was an archangel! How could Nora have not known, seeing how she was around Pepper for more than one occasion?) Anyway, I think Dante was worse than Hank in some ways. I mean, he wanted to rule both fallen angels and Nephilim, like are you crazy? It would be interesting if devils suddenly show up and be like, “So I’ve heard someone has been playing around with my devilcraft. Is it you, Dante?” Yeah, that would totally freak him out. It’s kind of sad though, because I really thought he was on Nora’s side. He seemed so devoted, training her and all, also protecting her from other Nephilim. And then the scene where he was fighting with Nora, he just transformed into a monster.

Oh I just remembered something about Nora being kidnapped… multiple times. In this book alone, she was kidnapped once by that Cowboy Hat Nephilim and almost got kidnapped again by Pepper, and a couple more times in the previous books. It came to a point where I went, “What? Again?” Maybe the author secretly finds Nora annoying too, so she wants her kidnapped as a way for her to make up for it πŸ˜‰ I kid, I kid.


So that’s it, I’ve come to an end of this series after 3 months (wow that’s long) and I must say this series is worth a read if you’re into fantasy books that has action, romance and a little mystery to it. The books didn’t necessarily blow my mind or anything, but I enjoyed it nonetheless, and I would definitely recommend it πŸ™‚

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4 thoughts on “Nerd Talk: Finale

  1. Well I like this series but the thing about it is, I don’t like that Vee “suddenly” turned up to be a Nephil. There was little background that she’s a Nephil. That background was “forced” for me. Like, ‘hey everyone’s supernatural so the best friend of the protagonist must be one too” it felt like that for me. But other than that, I really liked it. I met the author last week at a book signing. πŸ˜€


    1. Yeah, I get what you mean. I feel like there’s like no legit reason as to why Vee had to be a Nephilim, too. And it’s so cool you met the author! Must’ve been really exciting πŸ™‚


      1. About meeting Becca, I haven’t made a blog post about it. I’m lazy. :)) She’s really nice and I never thought a thousand people loved her book! I mean, really. I thought I’m a rare book reader. loljk


        1. Haha, I have the same problem, in terms of music. No one I know listens to the music I listen to except my sister. Haha. But yeah, the Hush, Hush series is pretty popular, there are quite a lot of reviews about it πŸ™‚


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