Nerd Talk: Silence

I know, I know. The last time I talked about this series was back in December. What happened? I don’t know, I’ve been caught up with other things and I guess the book didn’t excite me as much as it did in the first two books. Okay, I’ll stop blabbering, let’s get straight into the book.

Disclaimer: This Nerd Talk contains spoilers, skip to the last paragraph if you haven’t read the book yet. 



The beginning of the book was all sorts of suspense: Nora got kidnapped, Patch practically sacrificed his life for Nora (Again. The first time around was when he decided not to be human), Nora lost her memory and had no clue who Patch was. It piqued my interest at first, until I got around to the part where Nora was trying regain her memory and it got kind of repetitive for me, like reexplaining what fallen angels and Nephilim were all about, the parts where Nora received a strange note in her bedroom and the part she had hallucinations, it kind of lost its hook since I already knew about the mind-trick and stuff, just not exactly sure who was doing it. I know the who should’ve made me jump out of my seat and flip the pages continually until the culprit is revealed, but it just made me go “oh?”, and not “OHHH???” You know? I don’t mean it was boring, just not terribly exciting either.

And then when Patch came clean about what he was up to, about Hank Millar and the archangel he held captive, his Nephilim army and stuff, that was when I began getting engrossed into the book again. The “I-cannot-put-the-book-down” feeling came back, replacing the nonchalant feeling I had towards the book before. Sometimes I wish Nora was more in the know, rather than having to wait for Patch to update on how things were going or what was happening all the time. Maybe it’s done deliberately though, I don’t know. Like the previous book, Patch is my motivation to keep going. Heh.

I did like knowing about Scott’s whereabouts and how he and Nora got closer in this book though, but I also missed Vee. She’s just this annoying yet likable character that brings light and humour to this otherwise dark and serious book (fallen angels and Nephilim are serious business okay), albeit not as frequent, the parts she did show up never failed to make me laugh.

The third quarter of the book was where things got really intense. The weird thing though is that prom never happened. Or maybe it would in the forth book, if not then to me it would be a little of a let down, ’cause I just feel like something massive is going to happen during prom, I don’t know what but yeah, I feel it should. And then the part where Nora swore the oath to be a Nephil, I feel is not that great of a shock. I mean it’s not like I saw it coming, but it’s kind of expected that it would come down to that path, since she was already half Nephil and all. Meanwhile the part where Patch and his fallen angel allies hunted down Hank and his men, I found it really epic. I just pictured Patch (and Gabe even though I don’t like him) being all badass and stuff, it was so cool.

Given everything I said about the book, it sounded like a let down compared to the first two, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it though. In the forth installment it seems a war between the fallen angels and Nephilim is coming, let’s see what happens.

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