Frozen, The Heirs, etc.

Hi, it’s been a while since I last posted a casual entry. I don’t think anyone’s really interested in reading these “updates” of my life, ’cause like, who am I, why should you be interested, right? But well, I’m writing this for the sake of myself. The trifle things that I subconsciously find too much trouble to take the time to jot down in my journal, hence goes to entries like these 🙂


The other day, I watched Frozen with my cousin and it was just awesome. I heard Frozen was made from the same creators of Wreck-It-Ralph and Tangled, so I had high expectations of it, and when someone told me the movie had too much singing going on, I didn’t think it would bother me. Who am I kidding, I love musicals. This was no different. I just love all the characters: Anna, Olaf, Sven, Kristoff and Elsa ’cause her powers are cool. I’m kinda biased towards Olaf though, ’cause he’s the cutest snowman ever, so I had to put him as my profile picture on Facebook 🙂 In the movie, the part about “true love thaws” is a little cheesy, but it is a Disney movie so you can’t really blame them. I’m still waiting for the DVD to be out. Heh.

Then, just recently, I kept singing to my sister “Do you wanna build a snowman?” Then she would reply me with some nonsense, or ignore me completely, then I would tell her, “No, you should say,” in a singing voice, “Ok, bye…” When she wouldn’t do it, I literally kept repeating “Do you wanna build a snowman?” and squeezed myself on my bed she was laying on until she got annoyed and did it so I would shut up.


The other day, my friend drew this, it was based on the short story It Started With a Pop-Up Book I wrote not too long ago. It just brought an immediate smile to my face. Imagine waking up to this? I felt so elated that morning, it was like seeing my story coming to life! She just made my morning that day 🙂 You can see more of her comics on her blog if you’re interested. They’re in Chinese though.

I thought I would start each mini flashbacks with “The other day” but well, it didn’t work out that way. Oh well.


Anyway, just last week I started watching this korean drama called The Heirs a.k.a. The Inheritors. I saw the advertisement for it on TV and thought, oh this looks interesting. Then at some point, probably a month ago, my Facebook timeline was bombarded with news related to that drama. I didn’t really pay heed to it, but it was most likely because the last episode just aired and everyone went nuts? I wanted to watch it that time, but I didn’t want to distract myself from my book (Hush, Hush at that time) and also from writing, so I didn’t. Then, my friend SMS-ed me, saying how I would like this sort of drama and I was like, okay, I would watch it for sure, just not now.

Two weeks later, I started watching it and became obsessed. I dragged my sister into it too, which is awesome ’cause I have someone to gush to. Heh.

The story line has a lot of different elements to it, yet it’s also simplistic and doesn’t make me think much about it. It’s not extraordinary or spectacular by any means, but I still enjoyed it though. What annoyed me most was Kim Tan’s father, The Chairman because he was so irrational, in my opinion. He was the one who had an affair, had a mistress and fathered an illegitimate child, and yet he blamed Kim Tan for wanting to be honest about it and threatened his mother to leave the house if she didn’t keep him in check. Like, what the heck? In the end Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang lived happily ever after, so whatever, that’s the most important thing.


Okay, that aside, for some odd reason, I’ve been into High School Musical songs lately. It’s sad that the songs from the first movie isn’t on Spotify. I listened to songs from the second and third movies, the entire albums. Scenes from the movies replayed in my mind as the song progresses. It made me love the movie all over again. Ah, so much emotions. Gotta Go My Own Way made my heart ache as it did the first time, heck every song just made me feel strange, varying emotions. Currently though, I’m obsessed with Fabulous and I Want It All, for no reason. It made me feel like such a diva singing them. Haha. I might just rewatch all three movies, too.

Okay, this is getting a little too lenghty. Adios!

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