Say What You Really Mean

A few days ago, I was using my mom’s tablet and usually I was fine with just the sound of flowing water and tiny bubbles in the aquarium and the whirring fan above, but that day I found myself feeling lonely in the midst of it all and went ahead and switched on the television, thinking the programme I liked would be on. It wasn’t. Instead, I settled on watching the season 4 of Celebrity Apprentice. I’ve only watched the Asian version of it and liked it, so I thought I would like watching this too. And I did. It was entertaining and dramatic, what you’d expect out of a reality show.

There was this part from the women’s team where one of the members wanted to leave early because they were at the editing stage of their commercial and she thought even if she stayed, she couldn’t even contribute to the team and it wouldn’t make a difference. Since she was eldest in her team, I guess she thought she had the privilege. Then, she told the project manager just that, and the project manager hugged her team member and thanked her for helping them throughout the entire day blah blah blah. I thought, oh okay, so the project manager was fine with it… Until came the project manager’s monologue. She was ranting about how inconsiderate her team member was being and how she wasn’t being a team player for not staying and giving her team support. I was like, wow… Yes, the same project manager who hugged and thanked the team member just talked smack behind her back.

Are you serious now?

I don’t know why the project manager couldn’t just tell her team member straight out that she wasn’t okay with her leaving, but if she still insisted then it was her choice. But no, she had to put on a show and then be bitter about it afterwards. I just didn’t understand it. Sure it was the team member’s fault for not being courteous by leaving her team, but as project manager, what was wrong with being honest? In the end, the team lost and was required to stay in the board room, then the project manager said the team member who left should have known it was wrong. Yes, but did you have to be so fake about it?

This is one of the reasons why I have trust issues. I don’t get why people just can’t say what they mean sometimes. Maybe the situation forbids being straightforward, maybe the other person is intimidating, fair enough, but that doesn’t equate to an approval to be fake and stating the exact opposite of what you truly mean. What is up with that? See, you can’t blame me for not believing people sometimes, for all I know they could be practising fakery.

I admit, I’m not the most honest person I know and when I disagree with something, sometimes I just keep quiet lest the other party gets offended, but if they really ask about my opinion, I would say it or at least try in a nice way. I definitely won’t say things that totally contradict my inner thought. That’s just plain unnecessary and would further complicate things. Why would you want to be fake anyway?

If you’re not like that, then you’re awesome possum and I like you.

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