Looking back this year, it’s filled with ups and downs, stresses and laughter all jumbled up into one big ball of an adrenaline-filled roller coaster ride that ended on a high. Rewinding what has happened in the course of the year, I always think back on the fun times I had with my friends in form 6. Those random “photoshoot” sessions, Scrabble competitive-spirit-inducing moments, dramatic talks, fake fits and slapstick humour, it kind of made all those mindless hours of assignments worth it. I might not be the person that stands out from the crowd and is noticed by everyone, but I have enough. There’s just so much to be thankful for this year, form 6 and otherwise, I think it’s safe to say that 2013 might be one of the best years I’ve had. Sure I had my fair share of emotional breakdowns and times where I felt like I was the stupidest person in the world and that I couldn’t do anything right, but what’s the point of focusing on that and reliving those low points when there are better things to look back on, right?

I just started blogging (again) this year because I wanted to get back to writing again and this time let my guard down and try not to filter my thoughts when it comes out in words. In real life I’m generally shy, so I will always have walls built up when it comes to meeting strangers, but since I don’t actually see the people who read my blog, I guess it makes it easier to be a little more transparent. I started blogging in February and 11 months later I now have 7 followers (HI THERE!) and even though it’s mediocre compared to what others have accomplished, I think 7 is pretty good to me.

I tried my hands on writing about books (Nerd Talk), made poached eggs (and failed multiple times), wrote a guest post, met people from different countries, attended my very first graduation dinner, won contests I didn’t expect I could, swam with sharks and fought dragons (kidding). Those are just some of the new things I did this year, though not extravagant by any means, I’m grateful to God for everything.

I can only hope 2014 would be as great as 2013 (or better, who knows?).

Happy new year everyone!

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