Nerd Talk: Crescendo

Crescendo is the second book in the Hush, Hush saga series written by Becca Fitzpatrick. You can read my take on the first book here.

So Nora and Patch got together and by the looks of the blurb at the back cover, I was expecting them to have a bump in their relationship. What I wasn’t expecting was how Nora was being incredibly irrational and insensitive about everything, not to mention idiotic.

That aside, there were also suspense and some action going on in this book, too. The action came in like, during the second half of the book. There was the case of Nora’s dead father and her biological father and just mysterious stuff going on. The last few chapters of the book, where secrets were revealed and stuff, I think almost makes up for all of Nora’s whining in the first half of the book.

Disclaimer: This Nerd Talk contains spoilers and a little ranting.



It started with Nora saying “I love you” to Patch, which Patch returned with a distracted look, like someone or something was out there, but he didn’t want to let Nora know about it for her own safety. Nora on the other hand took it as a sign that she said those 3 magical words too soon and when Patch didn’t return the gesture, she thought she scared him off and basically she was over thinking about everything. And then when she found out Patch was looking at her archenemy, Marcie Miller’s window outside her house, Nora basically turned into those clingy-questioning-overly-suspicious girlfriend and questioned Patch about it. He didn’t want to let her know the reason why, again to protect her,  but she didn’t get it and took it as Patch was going behind her back, secretly seeing Marcie. And she just basically went berserk and said she wanted to break up with him. I was like, are you kidding me? Let me get this straight, Patch saved Nora’s life and gave up being human because he wanted to be with her, even if it means he was to become her guardian angel, not human, which was something he practically dreamed of–being human–but (let me repeat) gave up because of her. And now she was doubting everything because he was watching Marcie. Okay, I understand she was jealous, but couldn’t she rationalize he had a reason to keep it from her? He was an angel after all and he knew things that humans like Nora didn’t know about. Patch did say something about being under probation, that the archangels were watching him, and then Nora wanted to be the bigger person and called it quits for his own good. Yeah, right. Then why did she spend the next few chapters complaining about Marcie and Patch? She said she wanted to break up, saying it was for their own good, yet she blamed Patch like it was entirely his fault. I literally had to put down the book ’cause I couldn’t stand Nora’s irrational logic. It was so annoying.

I guess teenage girls tend to be over emotional and would overthink about everything when it comes to their boyfriends? Patch seemed to be the bad boy type, so that could be why Nora just blew up? I don’t know. I’ve never been in a relationship before so I don’t know if this was how girlfriends think of their boyfriends. (I hope I don’t turn out that way *shudders*) Even though whatever Nora said made sense, she was simply overthinking without listening to Patch’s side of the story. Sometimes I felt like Patch was my motivation to keep on reading, ’cause he was the more calm and sensible one 😐

Also this time around, I’ve noticed Nora just believed every single thing that she was told. Like Patch being the Black Hand, that the Black Hand killed her father, meaning Patch might’ve killed Nora’s dad. Might. Have. Yet with such little information, she drowned herself in it, believing Patch was the killer with no proof whatsoever. Maybe she was like this in the first book as well, but I just noticed it now because it involved Patch? I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying attention. I just didn’t believe Patch was the one behind it.

Perhaps personally I’m bad at suspecting the culprit, or maybe the author was clever in making the bad guy seemed not obvious, but either way I hadn’t suspected Rixon one bit. I honestly thought he was the good guy, helping Nora and all. Even in the first book, I had suspected Elliot being the bad guy, but it ended up being Jules instead.

Overall I liked the first book better, for obvious reasons. The second book stopped at a cliffhanger, ugh the author’s good. Ugh, the suspense.

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