Nerd Talk: Hush, Hush

Hush, Hush is the first book of the saga series written by Becca Fitzpatrick. I’ve seen my friend reading it before, but at that time I wasn’t interested in it, partly because the previous fallen angel-type novel I read wasn’t all that great, so I was reluctant to try out another fallen angel series. Just last week, I went to the Big Bad Wolf book sale with my dad and sister and they had all 4 of the Hush, Hush series there sold at RM8 each and my friend told me it was good, so I thought oh what the heck, maybe I’ll like it? As of today, I just finished the book and I have to say, it exceeded my expectation. I loved it.

Basically Hush, Hush is a book about Nora, an ordinary, studious-type of girl who encounters this strange and mysterious guy, Patch. Since then, weird, near-death experiences have been happening to her and she has no idea why. Soon, she discovers the existence of fallen angels and Nephilim, and her whole life changes. If you like action-packed and thrilling books, I think you’ll like reading this. Of course, romance is always a plus. Heh.

Disclaimer: This Nerd Talk contains spoilers, read after the teddy bear if you haven’t read the book yet 😉

Hush, Hush


In the prologue, there was a fallen angel making a guy swear an oath to give up his body for the angel. Immediately I thought, if that’s the main guy character,  how could he be evil? But well, later I found out it really was him… sadly.

And then in the first chapter we’re directed back to the protagonist, Nora having Biology class. Her teacher suddenly wanted them to switch partners and Nora ended up with this strange guy called Patch. He was such a bad boy and was so annoying and yet Nora being the goodie-two-shoes that she was, had this strange attraction towards him. It seemed ridiculous, actually. Later like towards half of the book, when Nora figured out Patch was a fallen angel and all, it turned out he also had the power to control people’s minds, as in planting voices and images in their head, making them think what he wanted them to think. I personally think it’s really cool. Before Nora found out about Patch though, she had this car accident involving hitting a guy in a ski mask with her friend, Vee’s car and she just freaked out. I was freaking out too! It was like, she hit the guy, then the guy tried to kill her? Like what? Later when she brought the car back to Vee’s house, suddenly the car was alright, with only a little scratch. And I was just dumbfounded.

The part where Nora and Patch was on the roller coaster ride, Nora’s seat belt came off and she flew out of her seat and landed on the tracks, I was like, what the heck just happened?! What was Patch doing all the while? And then when she thought she was going to die, a second later she found herself back on the seat, safely tucked behind the seat belt with Patch beside her the whole time. Again, none of it made sense. And yeah, I fell for it. Like Nora, I thought she was going to die too. Heh. I should’ve taken note after the car accident, but yeah… I didn’t.

After that, Nora looked for Vee but she wasn’t around, which I found weird because even though Vee seemed like a reckless and carefree character who didn’t know the meaning of responsibility and whatnot, she didn’t seem like the type that would leave Nora behind without a ride home. In the end Nora had no choice but to have Patch take her home. At like, 2 in the morning, Vee called Nora and started yelling at her for ditching her with Elliot (Jules suddenly went MIA). It was another strange occurence and it seemed likely Patch was doing it, but he didn’t harm her or anything, so I doubted it then.

But later, he confessed it was his doing all along. He tried to kill her so that he could be human because apparently Nora was a female descendant of a Nephilim, which was the type that he had to kill in order to become human. Even though being a fallen angel pretty much seemed human, the catch was he couldn’t feel, as in he had no senses physically. This was the part that confirmed the guy in the prologue, for me. Because it showed the lengths Patch would go to, and again I was a little sad. But he wasn’t the guy in the ski mask, so that guy was still running loose. And then Patch said he wanted to kill her, but he couldn’t ’cause he was slowly falling for her. This was the part where he made me happy again. Yes, good Patch, don’t kill Nora 🙂 Also, Patch had a V shaped scar on his back which was where his wings were once at and when Nora touched the scar, she could see his past in her head. Patch said something like, “Remember that the past can’t be changed, but people can.” And I found that line to be true.

And then there was also Patch’s psychotic ex, Dabria Greene who was also the school’s psychologist and she threatened to kill Nora so that Patch would get back with her, and of course the case of the guy under the ski mask which I initially thought was Elliot and that he also was a fallen angel who possessed Jules to do his dirty work, but to my surprise it was the other way around.


I know a lot of people would compare this book to Twilight because there’s the aspect of a mortal falling in love with an immortal, which is totally expected since Twilight is like super popular and anything that comes after it would be associated with it no matter what, in my opinion. But to me, this book is nothing like Twilight and trust me, I’ve read all 4 books. The difference between Twilight and Hush, Hush is obviously the different mythical creatures involved, and also the fact that Hush, Hush has a lot more action involved and it’s not solely focused on Nora and Patch’s relationship,  which is what Twilight is mainly about: Bella and Edward’s love story. When you read Twilight, you read a lot of emotional thoughts coming from Bella and there’s just not as much going on as there is in Hush, Hush. You do read about Patch, just not as much as you read about Edward, get it?

I mean I love Twilight (the books, the movies not so much) but I think Hush, Hush shouldn’t be compared to it, and this is coming from just reading the first book. I wouldn’t know if the next 3 books end up being Nora and Patch’s love story. If that does happen, then… my point wouldn’t be valid and it would be awkward. Heh.

Also before I end this lengthy “review”, I wanna say another thing that I loved about Hush, Hush is that the book is constantly moving forward and there’s just the perfect amount of detail without it being too boring. I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes I find certain books to have a lot of details that’s necessary yet a little overwhelming that it makes me feel like putting the book down and resume it later. Hush, Hush didn’t have that, in fact I finished the book in only a few days, which is like in record speed for a slow reader like myself. So yeah, if you like teenage-fantasy books, definitely check this one out 🙂

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