The library could seem bland and ordinary on the surface to the ill-informed, but to those who are familiar with it, they know all it takes is a few light strokes with their fingers to unravel a whole new world they never knew about.

In fact the library in itself is a world of possibilities. Stepping foot in one would bring about the scent of recycled paper and the image of rows and rows of paperbacks, hardcovers and glossy papers arranged neatly in their respective shelves. While others enjoy being free by going to clubs and getting wasted, I feel free when I indulge in a fictional world that is not mine. One that could put you at the edge of your seat, one that is far more exhilarating and breathtaking than my own. I find escape through beautifully crafted fictional novels, the more out of ordinary it is, the better. An imaginary world where vampires exist, or a future world where the government is corrupt, or a world where love is a disease, they’re the ones that capture my attention. The idea of having such worlds ever existing is obviously impossible, and that could be the sole reason why I’m so drawn and fascinated by these sorts of titles. More often than not, the stories start off broken to a point it seemed impossible to piece them back together, but in the end, they manage. Against all odds.

Fictional stories always have a glimmer of hope in them, the characters always turn out alright, and that is what makes me as a person. In reality, hope could seem out of reach; in stories, hope is always there. That is why it is the best escape. The kind of escape I hope I could provide for people someday, at the other side of the spectrum. The hope that keeps me going.

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