9 months of break

Finally, I’m finished with exams and I now have about 9 months of break which I’m not entirely sure what to do with it yet. While I was having my exams though, I kept telling myself–and my sister, because I tell her random things–that I would blog immediately after my final paper. I imagined myself feeling joy and happiness running through my veins while I happily type whatever that would be on my mind at that time. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead when I got home, not only did I not feel any sort of heightened joy or happiness that I was crapping about earlier, I felt just, really tired. I mean, of course I was happy, but it didn’t overflow within me like I imagined it would. And since I’ve been sleeping at 1am lately and I had to wake up at 6.30am the next morning for morning prayers and then some last minute studying after that, you can guess where the exhaustion came from. The paper was at 11am by the way, so yeah, I couldn’t really sleep in anyways.

Okay, enough with the super lengthy post about my final paper. Right now, I have another Nerd Talk I wanna write about and I wanna get started on writing fiction again. And of course, reading novels and watching dramas. Yay!

catching fire poster

The day before my final exam paper, I watched Catching Fire with my siblings. I probably shouldn’t, but I was so excited to watch it that I didn’t care. I didn’t regret it one bit. It was fantastic. This movie was definitely better than the first Hunger Games movie. The first one, in my opinion was a little draggy and they changed the important scenes from the book, like how Katniss got her Mockingjay pin. If you read the book, you would know it came from the mayor’s daughter, not from the black market. For the second movie though, they stayed mostly true to the book, so I was really glad. I felt like I’ve watched the movie before somehow, ’cause it resembles a lot of what I’ve imagined it to be like. It’s like seeing the things in my head come to life. It was so cool. Ah, you have to watch it. I feel like watching it again. It’s just that awesome.

flower book

Just last night, like 11pm something–almost 12am– I started cleaning up my room. I’m generally a messy person so I don’t clean up after myself immediately even though I have to admit, a messy space can sometimes be an eyesore, but at the same time I could live with it. Is that weird? Maybe I’m just too lazy. Anyhow, I’ve started putting away my form 6 stuff and I’ve also dug out junk that apparently had been in my room for about 3 years–old textbooks and notes and stuff. I couldn’t believe I still had those in my room. The best part about tidying up I find, is to come across old belongings I forgot I had, it’s like rediscovering my old self. My sister was there with me and since we share the same room, we found some of her old stuff and some of mine. It was so funny looking back at old drawings and reading back old essays and stuff like that. We had such a laugh and ended up sleeping at almost 2 in the morning.

And I’m currently obsessed with Stardom: Hollywood, The Carrie Diaries, songs from One Direction’s new album (Diana, Strong, Happily, Right Now, Does He Know, Half A Heart, Little White Lies) and chocolate and whipped cream. Kthxbai.

“Remember who the real enemy is.”
– Catching Fire

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