Last Day of School

its a ribbon party

The only time where education was put on hold, the only time where it didn’t matter what you got for your exams or whether you have studied for the u pcoming finals. All of that could wait, because just for one day, we celebrate being together, celebrate our time together, everything we went through, it all comes down to this day. Our last day as a group, as a class together. School rules can wait, memories hold for no one, so cameras out and everyone flash their million watt smiles for the world to see.

Girls exclaimed excitedly over the sight of bows and wasted no time helping each other clipping it onto their heads, and suddenly a “ribbon party” commenced. A mini photoshoot that followed right after comes as no surprise as everyone took turns posing and taking photos, unashamed of acting silly.

Teachers joined in for the ride and before we started indulging on all the delicacies prepared on cheap, blue plastic tables, us students sang for our teachers songs that represent what we feel for them. It was awkward and we stumbled on the verses, but during the chorus our energies were lifted and everyone clapped and cheered, shrugging off little mishaps for they don’t matter. Then, all of us munched down our feast together, happily enjoying the moment and the food–mostly the food–with gleeful smiles. A slideshow showcased a filmstrip of pictures with our recorded voice messages as voice overs was shown for everyone to see. Cheesy as it was, it didn’t fail to ignite an outburst of laughter. Alas, time stops for no one as our teachers who had been there for us for the past one and a half years, stood up one by one and said well wishes as they headed towards the exit. Us students said our goodbyes as if it would be our last. One broke down and like a chain reaction, others did too.

The party carried on after their departure and it was a 180 degree turn from before, with the music turned up and everyone sang and danced and took even more photos. Time ticked on quickly and soon, it hit the 2 p.m. mark. By that time, we had only 30 minutes left to spare until the final bell goes off. We sat in a circle and started reminiscing the old times, from the first time we stepped foot on this school ’till today. Not everyone did the talking, but for the most parts, everyone listened. Laughter and tears were both expressed at the same time. Our class teacher joined in the conversation too and I found myself not wanting the day to end. I wouldn’t mind spending the next few hours just listening to them talk. These people whose company I’ve grown to enjoy, I know I will miss them.

It was a party well deserved I say. A party we deserved.

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Thank you for reading!

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