Nineteen, Sembilan Belas, 十九


Whenever my birthday is here, I like to stalk every person that wishes Happy Birthday to me. And I would be so happy. 

Just to clear that up, my sister wrote the sentences above, and my response was, “No, I don’t.” Yeah, now you know I don’t stalk those who wish me. Okay, maybe one or two of them, not everyone. Heh. Alright, that was way off. Let’s back up to where I started.

Whenever I receive gifts from people, or even wishes in its simplest form, I tend to wonder the thought that is put into taking the extra step just to make someone’s birthday a little more special. I guess not many people really thought up to that extent. If they want to do it, they just do it, and it makes the other person happy, so it’s a win-win thing, right?

For me, when someone I’m not close to, or haven’t talked to in ages suddenly wishes me on Facebook, sometimes I become pleasantly surprised. Like, we barely even talk, but you would do that for me? Wow, thanks. You know? Perhaps it’s no big deal and it’s most likely they don’t even know it was my birthday until Facebook notified them anyways, but still, it really does brighten up my day a little. You’re probably thinking, “This girl is crazy. It’s just a birthday wish, get over it.” And you’re probably right. Still, I find it more rewarding to think that people would actually want to wish me, rather than go, “Oh, I know I’m worthy of receiving these. Wait a minute, why didn’t she wish me? And to think I gave her that pencil in the 5th grade. Block!”

Yeah. For the presents I receive, I feel even more grateful. When you receive a gift from someone, think about it this way: You were actually on that person’s mind. You’re important enough to that person to actually show up in his mind even with all the other crap going on in his life. And even so, he still decides to buy you something just because it’s your birthday (or any other occasion). I don’t know, I just feel so humbled. I find these simple pleasures in life to be such a joy. It doesn’t matter if I asked for the present–or better yet, if I didn’t–it just proves that those are people who actually care. What better feeling there is than knowing someone cares?

I’m so thankful for my family and friends. These few days have been a blast and I couldn’t ask for more. (though my greedy other self is saying I could ask for more books but I’ve decided to ignore that side of me for the time being)

19 is starting off great!

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