Bye Bye Holidays

In a matter of days—2 days—and my holidays are up. Already. Can’t believe 2 weeks just flew by just like that. For me, I feel like I’m only starting to let the holidays sink in. 2 weeks is simply not enough. Not. Enough. So far, I’ve been practically doing nothing, other than lazing around the house, of course. Heh. I’ve been reading this dystopian novel called Delirium, though I haven’t had a strong and sure opinion of the book, I think the whole concept of love being a disease is really clever and intriguing in a way. I feel like I couldn’t fully focus on the book (though I know what’s going on, if that makes sense) ‘cause I’ve been concentrating on this Korean drama I’ve recently finished called Cheongdamdong Alice.



I won’t bore you to tears by describing the whole plotline of the drama—because I’ve already done that in my journal—yes I keep a journal, a few journals, actually— but basically it’s about this girl (Han Se Kyung) who’s sick of living in a poor financial state and wishes to get out of it by having wealthy, more influential people help her get to a higher position. She eventually fell in love with the guy (Cha Seung Jo) that’s supposed to help her and she’s seen as a gold digger. The guy didn’t know about her “scheme” but when he does, he finds her disgraceful. In the end, he understood where she came from and forgives her and they got together and everyone’s happy. Heh.

The thing about this show is that it gave me a whole new perception of a gold digger (or women in general, I’m not quite sure, you be the judge). When the guy found out about the girl wanting his money, she frankly told him that she loves him, but his money is also security for her, to protect her. It’s not like she deliberately tries to seduce him merely to get to his wealth, that’s the true meaning of a gold digger, in my opinion. She genuinely loves him and his money is what kept her around. I like the fact that she doesn’t deny how his money is an important factor for her to keep him. She could’ve beat around the bush saying how she loves him for him and his money is just bonus, but she didn’t. Other girls, in reality, might’ve chosen their boyfriends according to their financial status, but they would never say it out, or they wouldn’t even admit it to themselves. That’s what I like about Han Se Kyung—her honesty. When the guy eventually understood where the girl was coming from, at the last episode, there’s this part where he went “The lead actresses in dramas want everything else but money, how does that make sense?” Yes, how does that make sense? Every girl wants money. It’s just that not all are willing to admit to the fact.

Okay, besides the Korean drama, I’ve been doing a little writing and I’ve watched a few of Animal Planet’s Cats 101 videos on YouTube. Yes, I love cats.

I’m excited for Semester 3 to start ‘cause it’s the final semester so it means I’m going to end Form 6 real soon, but at the same time I’m also dreading to go back to the old school routine. Fun fun fun.

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