Breath of Fresh Air in My Lungs

My exams are exactly 10 days from now and I had a fever last night. Great. So, I didn’t go to school today, but I’m feeling a lot better, so it’s all good.

I actually have no idea why I have this sudden urge to write a blog post right now. I don’t even have a clear idea of where this post is going, like there’s not even a specific topic I wanna talk about right now. Weird, I know. Maybe I’m just procrastinating so that I wouldn’t have to start studying right away.

So, my friend introduced me to Jack and Finn Harris a few days ago, that’s JacksGap on Youtube and I was immediately hooked. I have to admit though, at first I was like, random videos from guys? Would I really want to spend the time watching those? But then I saw that Jack and Finn were twins so I was like, oh, that’s interesting maybe I would be able to differentiate them ’cause I’ve known quite a few twins in my life and I could tell them apart only after seeing them for a long time, so I wanted to find out if I could differentiate Jack from Finn and vice versa, like on the spot. So I guess that’s how I started watching their videos and soon I found myself watching more videos than I have the time for. And to be honest, they’re not exactly identical so it was pretty easy to tell them apart (yes!). It’s such a bad timing to be discovering new YouTubers… But yeah, they’re worth discovering. They’re just so funny and they have British accents AND they’re pretty good looking 🙂 Haha. They just make me laugh.

Speaking of which, I realized my posts on this blog are mostly serious and I think I came off as being a person who’s serious all the time? At least that’s the impression I get from reading back my own posts. But I’m not gonna change that though, ’cause I write when something’s bothering me, or when I’m bored, so it’s like a way of letting out my feelings, to make myself feel better. Some people go for  music, others go for movies or drama series or food, perhaps? But I go for writing ’cause I can and ’cause I’ve been doing it for a while and ’cause I actually like it. In real life, I’m not good at being straightforward, so I resort to writing.

So yeah, this post isn’t going anywhere. I guess I’ll stop here and force myself to study right now.

10 days till exams, 14 days till freedom!

P.S. I’m obsessed with Bridgit Mendler’s Ready Or Not, hence the most random title ever.

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