Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

I just finished my trial exams today and it feels awesome. To be honest, I wasn’t fully prepared for my trials because of my Pengajian Am (General Studies) assignment and presentation. In the course of the past 2 weeks, I’ve been so stressed out trying to finish my assignment on time and honestly, I had doubts on ever finishing it at all. But in the end I miraculously did. I don’t know how I did it, but thank God I did. So last Wednesday was exactly the day where it all ended–when I’ve presented in front of an examiner and a witness. Thinking back that day, I remember sweating while giving my speech, not clear whether it was my nerves that’s causing all the sweat or whether the aircond wasn’t working. Either way, it just felt so warm… and not in a good way. I was like running through my slides and sped up even more when one of the teachers looked at his watch. And whenever the teachers were talking amongst themselves, I tried to eavesdrop (while still presenting!) on their conversation and failed and ended up stumbling on my own words. I know from the way I put it, it sounded like a disaster, but it wasn’t too bad actually. I hope I’d get decent marks… It’s the first project that I had to really work hard on so I hope it pays off.

As for my trials, I’m actually half-expecting to fail all my subjects. Even though according to what I’ve written on the papers, it didn’t seem as bad as last semester’s, but at the same time, the stuff I’ve written, I don’t know whether it makes sense or not. And this is why people, I miss objective questions. At least with options, one of it has to be the answer, and if I’m unsure of mine, the written options would act as a clarification. The only subject with objective questions now is economics. So, yeah. I’m a busy girl. Heh.

My actual exam is less than 30 days from now and I’m planning to really start studying and at least get a pass for all my subjects this semester. I can’t afford to fail anymore, especially for Math, which I’m really bummed about by the way. I was once good at it ._. Ha, I just revealed part of my results that maybe was expected to be revealed right after my telling of how nervous of I was of getting my first term results? It’s just assumption crap, don’t mind me. Anyway, I feel like I’m blabbing about nonsense again. Hitherto I don’t know why I’m such a good blabber-er. See, I added a fancy word 🙂

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