Sudden Reminiscence

Whenever I’m around kids in my school (kids, in my book means any student younger than me, especially those afternoon session’s kids) I would somehow be either annoyed or “weirded out” by their behaviour. I never liked kids so I’m constantly annoyed by them, but at the same time I find them cute, too. I can’t explain why they irritate me (because I’m not so sure myself), but I think it has something to do with their immaturity. And by “weirded out”, it’s in a sense where I find that they remind me so much of my younger self in certain ways. The old, immature, innocent and “pure” me. From the way they speak to the way their faces beamed (and partly because of their flawless, pimple-less faces)–it’s a constant reminder of how carefree I was, too, which is a contrast from the now more analytical me.

I remember how much fun I had with the people I met in high school whom I called best friends; some are still in touch; some parted ways, but regardless, every bit of memory created those few years back will forever be remembered and I’ll always be grateful to have met any of the people I did.

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