Typical School Day-Friday

I jotted this down in school ’cause I was bored. This happened after school by the way, while I was waiting for my dad. Welcome to my thoughts 🙂

Stuck in this cramped up, stuffy and suffocation-worthy chamber of a canteen with colourful athletes in red and blur uniforms walking back and forth. The whole table I’m sitting at is only occupied by myself–as the only human being–as well as my bags and another dude’s bag at my opposite. I assume he’s a dude because of his grey bottle and black and red backpack.

Stretching a little father to my surroundings, there are numerous students kids in uniforms carrying out varying life activities in their seats. From what I can tell, all the tables are occupied with more than 1 people except mine and another Chinese girl’s. I don’t know what’s her deal but I know kids don’t like sitting with adults (me) although I don’t know how much of that is true–the adult part–but yeah, it’s understandable why I’m isolated. But I’m cool with it. I’d rather be alone than chatting up with random strangers who I know I’d be self conscious with.

Oh, 2 kids just sat in front of me. One of them is eating potato wedges. I just ate that, right before starting this entry. Oh, they walked away. I’m still kinda hungry by the way. I’m contemplating whether or not I should buy more food. I know my mom already cooked lunch at home, but I would only be eating that at about 2. It’s only 3 minutes to 1 now. Maybe I shouldd buy one more item to eat… Ah, my money.

1.30 p.m.

Yeah, I bought another cup of potato wedges (they sell 5 pieces in a cup, so…) and I’m not that hungry anymore, but I’m still incredibly sleepy. I brought my short story, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but I just got sleepier upon reading it. The Engish is a tad classical-ish and she’s currently in an assembly with animals. A mouse was supposed to tell his tale of why he (and his whole family) hates cats and dogs. Alice finds it “queer” which translates to weird, I think, because it is weird…

I don’t know, I just feel like I’d rather write than read. At least I don’t feel as sleepy. Taking afternoon or evening naps–well, naps in general is so bad for a schooling student like myself. Dumb curfew. If I take a nap, I’d have a hard time sleeping at night, which was exactly what happened last night. That’s why I’m so sleep deprived.

I shall leave for the school gate now. I mean, that taxi stop, where my dad would be picking me up.

Bye bye cramp-y canteen 😀

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