Violating Emotions

There are certain fragment of time frames where conversations fall apart and every time we speak our mind, it explodes into an argument. Times like these happened numerous occasions before and I’ve realized sometimes even though we’re right, even though we found what the other person said completely irrational or just plain rubbish, we have to hold it in and suppress our emotions instead of letting it pour out, no matter how much we really, really want to. Because the truth is, relationships and bonds between people that were formed before the downfall is far too precious to let subside. In that particular moment where we could feel a conversation falling apart, we could decide to stop and walk away, or to continue pressing our differing points in hopes the other party miraculously finds some sense. Miraculously, because, people in general are egoistic and wants to be right all the time, so it’s highly unlikely in an argument someone just decides to be in wrong.

So, what I’ve learnt is to keep quiet when a potential outburst is about to occur. No matter what the other person said to me, how much it hurts to listen to such stabbing words, I’ve decided it’s best to not take it to heart, especially if that person is someone dear and of significance. It’s best to ignore and just remember that people have bad days, some more than others, but it doesn’t define who they actually are. I may not be able to contain myself in certain situations, but usually I find myself regretting ever uttering such harsh words just to defend myself.

Sometimes silence is all that’s needed.

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