Wasted All Morning

Woke up at almost 12pm ’cause I slept at 2 something in the morning ’cause I procrastinated washing my face and resorted to watching YouTube videos instead. I can’t go to bed without washing my face (not even for one day) or else it’ll go berserk and grow ugly pimples. Yes, they’re that sensitive. When I finally decided to wash my face, it was already over 1am. When I was done, I chatted with my sister a little before going to bed, which was at 2.05am. Great.

I know normally people don’t find a problem in sleeping late, but I just feel like I’ve wasted all morning sleeping and I get annoyed by that. What a weirdo, I know. I guess I’m just a morning person like that.

This whole week of holidays, I feel like I haven’t done anything productive. I have truckloads of homework to do and I even have a commitment to write my Wattpad story. Recently my MUET (Malaysian University English Test) teacher have been giving us loads of essays to do and I’m not the quickest writer in the world, so I’ve been struggling to finish that as well as my Math and Accounts, not to mention the first trial exams coming up after next week. Oh gosh, I just realized I have more things to do than I thought.


On the side note, Sleepwalker’s Journey is such an awesome game. Tiny Castle, too.

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