Strange Cat Dream


I dreamnt that my dad bought 2 flat-faced Persian kittens for us at RM50 each. Ridiculous, isn’t it? They have white fur and looks similar to the kitten in the picture above except the ones in my dream have a longer, more oval face. He also bought another kitten that’s made of cloth. Yes, fabric. I remembered thinking of the kitten strangely but just kinda accepted the fact. The weirdest part is, if the owner of the kittens are away for a while, they would go back to the pet shop (to be sold again). They were just trained that way. So that explains why the kittens were sold at such absurdly low price. The salesperson was a conman. In my dreams, there were some fantasy surrealism going on (which I couldn’t quite recall) so we left the kittens and when we came back, they left.

I think I want a cat so desperately that I’m even thinking about it subconsciously…

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